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New app available for Dairy Revenue Protection tool

Published on June 23, 2021 in , , , ,

CORTLAND, N.Y. — Crop Growers, LLP customers now have easy access anytime/anywhere to its exclusive Dairy Revenue Protection Analyzer right from their iPhones/iPads by simply downloading the new free mobile version (called Farm Credit DRP) from the Apple app store. The web-based DRP Analyzer enables dairy producers to evaluate Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) insurance coverage to help guard against declining milk prices.

The DRP Analyzer is uniquely designed to facilitate informed decision making by offering producers access to both live and historical market data, what-if analysis, endorsement tracking, estimates for probability of indemnity, and much more.

“The DRP Analyzer was built in collaboration with national dairy experts and several Farm Credit associations across the country to deliver what we believe is an industry leading risk management tool for producers,” said Tristan Peterson, Crop Growers Livestock Insurance Protection Specialist.

The tool empowers producers to quickly evaluate the available DRP risk management options and make educated decisions by giving them the ability to compare various scenarios relevant to their specific operation. “Producers can also communicate desired coverage details directly to our agents through the DRP Analyzer with the simple click of a button, enabling us to expand the high service standards that have become synonymous with Crop Growers,” added Peterson. Customers will also be able to receive daily price reports with key information and set triggers online to notify them when market conditions meet customized criteria set by the producer.

“Although the price of milk can be unpredictable, revenue doesn’t have to be with proper risk management,” concluded Peterson.

DRP insurance is a federally subsidized crop insurance product that became available for purchase nationwide in October 2018. It is a risk management program that allows dairy farmers to purchase protection against decline in quarterly revenue from milk sales. This includes declines in milk prices and/or declines in milk production. To learn more about DRP, view the DRP fact sheet at

To hear firsthand from New York Dairy producer Steve Durfee how crop insurance has added financial stability to his operation, click here.

—Crop Growers, LLP

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